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I just found out what Vocaloid is . . . ehehe I just wanted to listen to the songs my friends play on OSU and now I am a fan!


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Uwais Wanzulkifli
Artist | Student | Digital Art

Let me tell you two pieces of useful information:

1. Art is my passion
2. Art is my passion . . . sometimes I am lazy as fudge.
3. I like anime and pretty things!
4. If you send me a llama, I always send you one back :iconllamasplz:
5. I don't give points, don't bother asking because I honestly don't have any left or I'm really selfish.
Oops that's more than two but oh well. :iconmingplz:


Props to this guy :iconhikkyun: who helps me out a lot, and is basically the only person I know on DA T_T


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Trace Digital Ink Sketch (WAXXA Commissions)
Bench by ComicGoals tumblr nq6irwsVEw1ssbwqro2 540 by ComicGoals 
Nigs by ComicGoals Tumblr Nqd1jo2cbd1r4he3so1 540 by ComicGoals 
Flyaround Frame Set By Mjranum Stock-d4lt8id by ComicGoals Flyaround Frame Set By Mjranum Stock-d4lt8id by ComicGoals 
Sk2 by ComicGoals tumblr n8mejzOfCj1rq5h24o1 500 by ComicGoals 
Sk1 by ComicGoals tumblr n8mei0EjcP1rq5h24o1 500 by ComicGoals 
Sk3 by ComicGoals tumblr nnskmlgR9d1rq5h24o1 500 by ComicGoals 
11335551 1584334135152250 119079059 N by ComicGoals tumblr npmoc9Bw2r1s142fzo1 540 by ComicGoals 
Sol by ComicGoals  tumblr nqnus8iaHH1s70o1po1 540 by ComicGoals 

Ever wanted to cartoonify yourself?  Or ever needed help simplifying a complicated reference into simple lines?  Well have no fear Waxxa Commissions are here!! //theme music!  And I will TRACE a picture (provided by you) for you!


General Information

- Yes, you heard right.  These are "Trace Digital Ink Sketches" . . . meaning that you will be sending me a photo and paying me to draw lines over it just so we are clear.

- This technically NOT the best commission platform for your OC's but, for example, if you give me a good reference picture I can 'tweak' some details (for example the two shirtless dudes on the harbor above who I used to draw two OC's of mine shirtless and one carrying a sword) OC sketch and other commissions such as full color and paint will come later, hopefully.

- Commissions do not go over 1000X1000 pixels (for full body sketches) or under 500X500 pixels  (portraits) which is why the price is pretty cheap since the resolution is not so big (perfect for Instagram though ;D) and I am able to finish these pretty quickly . . and I charge by the hour but these usually take less than 20 mins.

- Remember because of the resolution a full body sketch means less details on the face (the first sketch as an example)

- These are digital ink line drawings with no shading, toning, colouring whatsoever.


- Must be a watcher

- Must have liked my facebook page…

- Must be a follower on my instagram

- Photo reference will be provided by you, the commissioner through notes, link, facebook etc.

- Sketches are maximum of two characters with minimal amount of added accessories, details backgrounds, wording or tweaks.  When tracing I DO NOT stray too far from the reference image so  PLEASE refer carefully to the examples above before commissioning.

- No pornography, discrimination or anything I feel uncomfortable with which is totally subject to me.  Nude is allowed but I do not draw erect penises, open vagina's or anything explicitly sexual.

- 5 Slots are available and commissions done within a week.

More on "Tweaks"/What is subject to the commissioner

- Picture size and orientation (within 1000X1000 pixels) Example: 1000X700 landscape/portrait.

- Ink Color is subject to you.  Two characters may be different colors.  Background color is also subject to you as well.

- Additional accessories such as sword to maximum of each hand/shoulder/foot/limb of the characters carrying capability. Example one knife per hand, one bag per shoulder/back.

- Costume changes are not extensive.

- Any photo reference is applicable though I mainly draw human characters (Please don't make me trace your house :/) and photos are not limited to real-life photos and maybe from movies/anime/other art etc.  Though tracing other art and anime I think I would give it a lil more style instead of an exact trace.

- Please make sure you have the right to allow me to use the reference photo.

- One reference photo per commission.


Congrats you've just read the terms and conditions XD and if you have decided to commission me, thank you.

Please send me a note with details, photo reference and proof that you have followed through the first 3 rules.  If you pass illegibility and I have received the payment, I will add you to the slot.


I just found out what Vocaloid is . . . ehehe I just wanted to listen to the songs my friends play on OSU and now I am a fan!

Mixed Feelings by ComicGoals
Mixed Feelings

Used that doddle I did a week ago for a grey scale painting test before so I have some idea of what I'm doing for bigger and more detailed projects.

Haha imagine running into this dude at the beach . . .


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